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Improving performance. Break stress. Build wellness.
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365, or this year 366

Mel Robbins has a theory and a book (The 5 Second Rule) stating that we must make a decision within 5 seconds of it coming to mind or our fight/flight/freeze instincts will kick in causing us to not act. Essentially we are bound to be sabotaged at all times without deciding within those 5 seconds to act by our own brain. This is exactly why my mid-section continues to be more consistent with the Pillsbury Dough Boy than I’d like. Every time I think, “I should go to the gym today,” I also begin to talk myself out of doing just that! I end up saying, “well, I don’t have time to change clothes.” Or, “I didn’t leave work early enough.” My favorite, “I’ll go tomorrow!” Ha ha! Riiiiiiiight!

But, it is true! Mel is right! Pay attention the next time you set out to do something that may be challenging or bring a bit of pain…your brain hijacks you from reaching that goal or taking that challenge if you don’t act immediately! Your brain is keeping you safe!

Tonight, when I considered writing, I immediately talked myself out of it. I had a feeling that I had nothing to say. I thought no one to read it or no one would care what I had to say. My fears and doubts took over and wanted to protect me – ensure I didn’t seem like a fool – by saying, “naw, not tonight Al.” But Mel would tell us to combat this feeling by demanding you “Do It Anyway.”

We can build habits, health and happiness if we can recognize our brain’s operating systems and use them to our benefit instead of succumbing to it’s fears. Our brains think they are saving our lives from a dangerous mountain lion…so we need to act quick to outwit it finding our way to meeting our true goals.

One of my goals I will be starting on Monday, September 1st, 2019 is to meditate every day for a year. This is a leap year, so that means the next 366 days.

There will be days I don’t want to. Days I think it’s not important. Days I put other things ahead of this goal. And I will need to remember in 5 quick seconds to, “Do it anyway.”

Come along with me, join me if you’d like, and see how we can change the chemistry of our brains to better serve us bringing good habits, health, and happiness. At the very least, don’t let your brain tell you you can’t next time you know you can! “Do it Anyway!”

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