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Improving performance. Break stress. Build wellness.
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Oops, I Forgot

Oops, I Forgot

According to the experts, one of the aspects of happy people is that they forget.  Brilliant, I forget things all the time!  So why am I not happier?  Hmmm….rumination.

I find myself playing out imaginary conversations most of my day.  These conversations are at times about accepting an imaginary, impossible and unsolicited promotion.  Me, “Oh thanks Boss, I don’t know what to say.”  Or accepting an imaginary award playing out my acceptance speech.  But most often, these conversations in my head are awful.  An imaginary someone barges into my work and causes a confrontation for which I must protect my employees.  Or, I am confronted by my naysayers about my failures.  These conversations are terribly demoralizing…and they only take place within my head.

Why do I do this? I am not sure.  It may be because I believe if I practice these imaginary conversations, I’ll be more prepared if these instances ever happen….but they won’t.  It is an egotistical concept that my daydream will come true.  It is highly narcissistic to believe life will occur how I’ve played it out in my mind.  As if the world does revolve around me which my mom confirmed for me long ago was not accurate.  Our mind is highly selfish.  We need to know that and remind our mind of the whole world out there for which often we have no option of how to determine how life happens to us.

I need to take a play out of the happy person playbook!  Forget about it!  Whatever I am stuck ruminating on needs to be dropped.  I need to let it go.  It isn’t important, it isn’t real and it is very narrow-minded to think of a dream as potential reality.

Further, apparently, we can only take in so much information and so those who learn more need to drop a few nuggets along the way!  So, that short term memory task of remembering the milk is sacrificed for understanding how the brain works.  Hashtag “worth it”.

So, the next time you are feeling like investing in Ginseng, instead just laugh!  Happy people forget.  Happy people don’t carry that nasty comment from a colleague with them throughout the day let alone into the night.  Happy people move on after they have ruled on a difficult decisions.  Happy people do not ruminate. Happy people forget.

What was I saying?  (haha, just kidding!)

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