Improving performance. Break stress. Build wellness.
Improving performance. Break stress. Build wellness.
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Coaching Opportunities


Invite me to visit your school, department, team or company.

What will I gain?

Learn tools and practices increasing focus, motivation, and productivity.

Inspire your team through a refreshing look at efficiency through the lens of mindfulness. Participants will challenge current behaviors, judgments and perspectives. We will learn what holds us back and why. Then, we will learn tools, habits, and efforts building productivity, effectiveness, and to improvement of personal well-being.

Positive outcomes for both the bottom line and the engagement of employees. Many attendees experience personal growth as well!

Now, why not sign up now?!? Reach me through the Contact Page.

Introductory Session

A one time only session introducing your team to the “why” behind mental health as a priority including ideas for building focus, motivation, and productivity.

  • Science of brain and mindfulness – “The Why”
  • Brief introduction on how to begin a mindful journey
  • Interactive, fun presentation
  • Sticker giveaways for active participants

Group / Team Coaching

Customize a series of sessions meeting your needs. An interactive training creating lasting learning and offering practical tools to apply immediately.

  • Includes all information from Introductory Session
  • Presentation will meet the needs of your organization through an initial needs assessment providing insight into both our current brain states and the practical mindfulness tools to counter them.
  • Practice mindful tools in a safe learning environment open to risk taking
  • Includes: presentation, learning material, fun, and hat/t-shirt giveaways.
  • Optional al a carte: t-shirts, hats, stickers, or gratitude journals.

Personal Coaching

This option is for a single person or as a consultant. This option is the most individualized. Needs will be determined during initial consultation meeting. Swag bags included for each participant. Customize completely.



I LOVE this training. It is so fitting for both my personal and my professional life. I can apply it to so many aspects of my life and when I am stressed out, it is exactly what I need in my toolbox to help me cope.

Cortney -Teacher

Teaching is a difficult career that can result in many selfless people giving up too much of themselves. I would recommend this training for anyone struggling to find balance between caring for others and caring for self.

Lindsay -Teacher

I had an awareness of the information presented in this training, but it was presented in a new and refreshing way that reinforced and enriched my previous understanding of mindfulness.

Mike – Teacher

THIS TRAINING IS AMAZING. I have already recommended it to others and boasted about it. It is comforting to come together and talk about ways to improve as an educator.

Jessica – Counselor